Small orders are OK, want to develop your own brand handmade shoes? Shengshui Cave is built for you!

Small orders are OK, want to develop your own brand handmade shoes? Shengshui Cave is built for you!

Shengshuidong is not only famous for its own brand of handmade shoes, but also for OEM. We usually know that the minimum order quantity of OEM is several thousand to tens of thousands of pairs.

However, the Seongshui-dong handmade shoe street can develop samples without being restricted by MOQ (minimum order quantity); and the Seongshui-dong enterprise has good business collaboration before, so you can also put forward your own ideas in shoe companies without designers. Design styles etc.

Here, we briefly introduce one such company.

The problem that needs to be solved for the operators who operate the men’s handmade shoes online mall and physical store or is preparing to start a business is to produce men’s handmade shoes that are different from other brands.

Small orders are OK, want to develop your own brand handmade shoes? Shengshui Cave is built for you!

[Photo 1] Men’s Tassel Love

Even after untold hardships to find a shoe company, the minimum order quantity put forward by the manufacturer is not a small amount for a company whose sales channels are the mainstay. At the same time, it is not a small problem for shoe companies to hire designers to develop new design styles, not to mention the development of their own brand of men’s handmade shoes.

[Photo 2] Various sizes of leather outsoles for high-end handmade shoes

Shengshuidong handmade shoe company ENJM and other companies will not set MOQ (minimum order quantity), accept sample development, and cooperate with companies in the same industry to complete the development of men’s handmade shoe brand design styles without a designer; this will It will be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for companies wishing to develop markets with their own brands. At the same time, the company can also customize stationery for large and medium-sized companies.

The company is composed of handmade shoemakers who have been in the industry for more than 30 years, and can accept single and double handmade shoe samples. At the same time, the company uses many kinds of shoe lasts and shoe molds as auxiliary materials for handmade shoes, which can save customers a lot of money. .

[Photo 3] The shoemaker is making handmade shoes

If the client does not have a designer:

Design drawings can be provided according to customer characteristics. For example, if you like a tasteful design style, you can provide classic style handmade shoes; if you want to develop unique and trendy handmade shoes, the company can also collaborate with other industries to make them separately. Moreover, according to the customer’s expected sales price, we recommend the use of materials so that the customer can achieve the desired goal.

Customers have their own design drawings or sketches:

The company will provide suitable materials, colors, auxiliary materials, etc. to make the desired handmade shoes in a short time.

[Photo 4] Men’s handmade shoes in various styles

At present, many online shopping malls, high-end suit shops in the Jiangnan area (the rich area), high-end brands such as hand-made shoe stores, or high-end brand shoe shops such as black labels carry out custom processing from Shengshuidong, and some companies even entrust Shengshuidong shoe companies to come. It’s not uncommon to make handmade shoes.

[Photo 5] The entrusting company’s print on the sole

The outsole and inner bottom of the product will be printed with the entrusting company’s print.

[Photo 6] The logo of the client is printed on the inner bottom

At present, Shengshui Cave is not only a well-known stylist outside the shoe sales company, but also famous designers and celebrities at home and abroad have also come to Shengshui Cave to develop and produce handmade shoes suitable for their own style.

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