[Share project materials] Business manners-phone

[Share project materials] Business manners-phone

[Share project materials] Business manners-phone

 After joining the company after twists and turns, even though I seem to be reborn as a business man in society, in reality, there are moments that are difficult and tense every time. It is time to meet or meet someone publicly The most common situation in the office is making and receiving phone calls, but did you know that there are business manners? There are etiquettes that must be followed when making and receiving business calls in the office, which is received as soon as the ringer rings and the caller must hang up first.  If you don’t know how to respond to the ringing phone call when your boss is absent, you can read and understand the business manners below if you aren’t sure what to do.

First ,  when you receive a call, if you receive a call to the  company,  greet them  brightly , then simply say the name of the company and inform them that the phone is connected correctly. Answer the phone as soon as possible to avoid ringing more than three times. This is because if you hear only the sign language and the response is delayed, you can give the other person a bad impression. If you answer the phone late due to unavoidable circumstances,  ‘I’m sorry for being late.’ It would be polite to the other person to say that.  If the person to answer the call is missed and you answer the call instead, check whether the other party is going to call you again or whether you should call from this party. Or, if the person to be called is already on the phone,  ‘I’m on the phone, so please wait.’ It is necessary to say that the person you are looking for is not inclined to answer the phone. If you want the other party to wait for more than 1 minute,  ask’How about calling again as soon as the call is over?’ After politely asking for understanding, you must hang up the phone.  When you receive a message, be sure to note and  note  important information, such as transfer of information, proper nouns, time and place are advised to check with the other party again.

Second ,  when making a  call, if you are in the position of making a call, ask about the situation of the person you are responding to and  simply tell the situation . The important thing is to be polite and short talk time by conveying conclusions concisely, rather than taking unnecessary time while talking   .  If the other person is  absent, it asks what time they will return, promises to call again, and then  informs them of their name, affiliation, and phone number step by step.  Sometimes the other person’s voice is low, or the sign language is difficult to hear because of noise. In that case, don’t hesitate to say  “ I can’t hear the phone well…” with a greeting saying “I’m sorry .” This is because it is less rude than asking again because I can’t understand the conversation.  When you hang up, the person who made the  business call should hang up first.  This is because if the person who will listen to the business hangs up first, there is a risk that the call will be over before the other party has spoken all the matters. However, when making a call, if the other party is the superior person, you should check that the other party has hung up and put the handset lightly. Also,  ‘Thank you.’ ‘Goodbye.’ Let’s not forget a simple and warm goodbye like this.

 It is no exaggeration to say that more than half of the language activities for business are done over the phone. It is easy to act randomly because you are not actually confronting the other person, but emotions can be conveyed to the other person through the  voice that is transmitted. Recall the memory of getting up and clearing your voice to answer a fluttering lover’s call. Answering the phone is an important business manner that leaves a nice impression on the  other person representing the company  . Be polite, but with a confident tone and sensible information delivery, so you can answer business calls nicely.

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