[Review] Review of Mstone Groove T 87A Black Axis

[Review] Review of Mstone Groove T 87A Black Axis

Hello, this is ITKBJ Byeongjang Kim. It’s been a while since I came back to the review article πŸ™‚

These days, it’s difficult to write because of my studies. 

The product to be reviewed this time is the M-Stone Groove T 87A black axis keyboard!

[Review] Review of Mstone Groove T 87A Black Axis

This is the box before opening. I used this product because I was lucky to win the event of the Facebook group.

When you open it in the box, you can see a black box wrapped in a bubble wrap.

When you open the poop, you can see a luxurious box. Emstone’s logo is stamped on the upper left

The name of the keyboard T 87A is written in the center.

I received it as an event, so the post-it was attached like that. (In the meantime, the writing is pretty haha ​​I am curious who wrote it)

The phrase Feel the Difference is embedded in the center

‘Feel the difference’ I wonder what kind of difference you can feel.

I used to use Cougar’s Attack x3 black axis model, but I was curious about the difference

The specifications were written on the back. Aluminum reinforcement plate, dye-sublimation keycap, Cherry MX original switch,

The sound absorbing material, Type-C connector, and anti-stabilizer noise are written on it.

Detailed specifications can be found here .

Opening the inside, you can see the keyboard covered in a plastic cover. I can see the compactness of 87 keys.

This is the remover inside the box. Without this remover, it is inconvenient to take the keycap and insert it,

It’s a must-have because the United States can throw it away if you do something wrong. 

I picked one because I was hit. One of the characteristics of Groove T 87A is a forward switch.

It is heard that due to the interference of the LED, a normal mechanical keyboard arranges the switches in the reverse direction.

This is a specially made LED that has no effect of interference, so it is easy to place the switch in the forward direction and play keycaps.

It looks like the light is on. It’s shiny~

On the back, there are Type-C connectors and four switches that are involved in setting the keyboard.

You can use that switch to change the position of the button on the keyboard. I think you can see the specifications above for details.

This is the LED on the keyboard. Personally, I like the LED that comes out softly.

The LED can be adjusted in 1~4 levels of brightness through a combination of the keyboard, and the speed and mode of the LED can also be changed.

There is even a custom LED mode…

In addition to the LED setting, there are also functions of input speed setting and function keys.

It looks like I put it on my desk. The palm rest is not the right size because it was used for full-key use.

My review of using it for about a day after receiving


1. It is quiet

The existing keyboard was the Cougar’s Attack X3 black axis product. When I first used it, I said, “Because it’s the same black axis, that’s what it is”

It was much quieter. I thought that if the noise of the old keyboard was rated as 1-10, it was about 8, but now it is about 3.

The stabilizer lubrication in the product DB and the absorbent material for preventing congestion seem to be playing a role of anti-static.

It’s quiet so I can concentrate well πŸ™‚

2. Clean height

I didn’t know what the neat sense of height was right now. But when I write it, it makes sense

I thought that the keyboard I used in the past had a slightly different feel for each key,

All keys on this keyboard are uniform. I’m not comfortable with something.

3. Height of height

Each row of keys has an angle, so you can press any key more comfortably.

I use it for several hours in a row while coding, but my hands are a little less tired.


1. LED

I don’t like colorful things, but I want this LED to have other colors, not white

I wonder if it will come out next. If you are greedy, it would be nice to put a custom LED that supports many colors.

2. There is no full key… γ…œγ…œ

Currently, only Tenkeyless exists in the Groove series. The full-key arrangement is said to be released later this year. 

I hope the full key comes out

General review

The keyboard itself was very satisfying! It is quiet, and the quality of the keycap is excellent. It’s a product I received as an event

The other key cap is inserted, but the same dye-sublimation key cap is included, so I think it is the same as the feeling I received.

Various custom settings and multiple arrangements of the key row stand out from the attention to detail for users.

However, what is regrettable is the absence of LED colors and full keys.

Of course, this part is outside the keyboard γ…‹γ…‹ The keyboard itself is wonderful.

Until now, I was ITKBJ Byeongjang Kim. Thanks for reading!

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