Registering a Korean card on Apple’s iTunes US account-App Store, iCloud payment

Registering a Korean card on Apple’s iTunes US account-App Store, iCloud payment

 If there is a reason to use the US account while using the iPhone in Korea, many people actually use the iPhone with the US or Japanese account. There are various reasons, but in my case, it is because the account was created when using the iPod touch before the iPhone was released in Korea. At the time, there was no Korean app store, so only the US account could be created. Since then, most of the apps have been purchased with a US account, so it is difficult to switch to a Korean account now.

 Using an iPhone, the Windows PC turned into a MacBook, and an iMac was added soon after. The iPad was on the bedside table, the Apple Watch on the wrist, and the AirPods on the ear. As we fall into the Apple ecosystem, one of the most useful things and one of the reasons it is difficult to return to the Android-Windows platform is the iCloud system.

ICloud, the core of the Apple ecosystem

-ICloud is like a’swamp’ that gradually immerses you in the Apple ecosystem-

 Previously, I used the cloud service through Dropbox and OneDrive, but when I used the iCloud system, it was very convenient for the work between Apple devices to continue continuously between the iPhone, iPad, and Mac. I felt that the world improved when I came back home to the web page I saw on the iPhone and immediately connected it on the iMac screen, and when I checked and edited the document file I was working on on the MacBook on the iPhone screen on the subway.

 In addition to this basic continuity of work, iCloud can also be used for file and data management, the iCloud Drive. Basic 5GB of free space is provided, which is shared between iOS and Mac devices, and can be accessed from any device through Apple servers. Image and document files saved on the desktop can be opened immediately on the iPhone’s iCloud drive, making the work environment lighter and more cheerful. There is no need to use a separate USB memory stick for data transfer.

Oh, of course,  you have to pay to spend more.

 In addition to document files, even large files such as images and compressed files are used in the cloud, and as I try to replace the drop box, I feel that the built-in capacity of 5GB is insufficient. ICloud Drive is a driving method that pays a monthly fee, and the price of $0.99 per month for 50GB and $9.99 for 1TB is not very burdensome. I wanted to pay because 50GB would be enough, but the Korean card was not registered because it was a US account. Regrettably, I have purchased an iTunes gift card through a personal transaction, but I was looking for a way to register my card. Fortunately, there is a way.

 The method was unexpectedly simple. I had a problem with my billing address. If I register my billing address with a local US address, my card will be registered. Of course, it must be a card that allows overseas payments such as Visa and Master Card. Before entering the payment information management menu of iCloud, register an overseas address on the card company’s website.

 Based on the Samsung Mastercard I use, you can add an English address in the’Other information’ section of the member information edit menu. In addition to the iTunes Store, several overseas sites require English addresses, and card companies are providing English address verification services accordingly.

 You can enter the English address according to the input field, and I wrote down the address of the ship I use. After entering the address, I ran the card registration menu of iCloud and entered the card number, expiration date, and CVC number.

 I immediately launched an iCloud Drive subscription that was suspended due to insufficient gift card balance. I chose the $0.99 50GB plan like I used before, and payment was made directly with the registered card without any other authentication stops. 

-ICloud setting menu of iPhone-

-ICloud setting menu of Mac OS Sierra-

 After that, I was able to confirm that the 50GB data plan was properly applied in the iCloud settings menu of the iPhone and Mac.

 You can simply use your US account with an overseas payment card and an English address. With a registered card, it will be easier than ever to purchase apps and music in the future. I introduced it as it would be helpful to those who use iTunes and App Store with overseas accounts.

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