Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro Case (TAN) testimonials

Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro Case (TAN) testimonials

Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro Case (TAN) testimonials

The iPhone 11 Pro changed in two years There is no difference between the iPhone X and the overall silhouette, so the satisfaction is lower than ever, but the camera performance is always better than ever. That’s why I’ve been using it for over a month despite not a few complaints, such as high prices and insufficient differentiation.

Mujjo iPhone 11 Pro Case (TAN) testimonials

However, as the price of the iPhone became far more expensive than before, protective accessories such as cases became essential. This time, I used a leather case from Mujjo, which I usually liked, along with the Apple case that I purchase every time. We leave a first impression and a brief review in hopes that it will be helpful to those who are looking for a leather case suitable for their new iPhone.

Mujjo is a Dutch company that makes gadget-related accessories. It mainly manufactures accessories for Apple products such as iPhone, Macbook, and iPad. It is a leather case with a quality comparable to that of the genuine Apple case and boasts a fairly high reputation in Korea. I’m using Muzo’s MacBook Pro case. Leave the link below

In line with the release of the iPhone 11 series, Mujou’s new case was also released. The package is made of hard paper, and since it is a priced product, the package completion is also satisfactory. The product image is printed on the front, which shows the advantage of being able to store cards.

The existing case series using full grain leather has been re-launched to match the new product, and is available in four colors: black, tan, monaco blue, and alpine green. It is similar to the previous iPhone Xs series, but the difference is that the green color has changed from olive to alpine green.

It seems that the combination with the iPhone 11 green color was considered, but I personally liked the existing olive color, so this time I chose a tan (TAN) curl. The official store price is 41.24 euros, but it is also officially imported in Korea and can be purchased at a price of 50,000 won. Similar to the price of a genuine Apple case.

When you open the outer cover attached with a magnet, you can see the product protected by a transparent cover. On the left, features of the product such as materials and details are described. I felt it when buying a laptop pouch, but it is a company that pays a lot of attention to the package.

It’s fun to have a part of the transparent cover pierced so that buyers can check the leather material in advance. As the brand has always emphasized high quality leather and high degree of completeness, the hard and smooth leather material is not lacking in comparison with the genuine Apple case. Rather, this one looks better in terms of durability.

A pocket for card storage is attached to the top of the case. Sewing finishes, pocket cuts, etc. are particularly flawless.

The color is similar to the original Apple Saddle Brown case, but it feels a bit darker. In the case of the genuine Apple case, the dyeing and tanning proceed very quickly, but the case of the Muzo case seems to be a little stronger than that. Of course, you’ll have to use a little more. The card pocket is engraved with the brand logo.

Soft suede material inside to prevent damage to the product. The brand logo is also engraved here. Except for the pocket, it is made in a similar shape to the original Apple case.

Combined with the iPhone 11 Pro Space Gray model. This tan-colored case would be the best combination for a gold-colored iPhone, but it’s not too bad to match the space gray model. Compared to the previous iPhone X and Saddle Brown case combination, the leather texture is slightly softer than the original Apple case, and the durability is slightly better than the case. The Apple leather case didn’t feel sticky even if I used it a little, but I expect the leather of the Muzo case to be better than that.


If you hear a few reasons to buy this case for a price similar to the original Apple case, one of them is this card pocket. It is said that it can hold 2-3 cards, but even one card is tight because the leather has not been stretched yet. IPhone users who do not support transportation cards can greatly improve convenience by storing only transportation cards and primary cards here, right? I plan to use it like that.

The pocket is not thick, so it’s good that the overall volume doesn’t increase significantly when the card is stored. After storing the card like this, I think I should use a pretty card.

The camera part is also sufficiently protected. Since the case surface is made higher than the camera height, there is less risk of damage to the camera when placed on the floor. As it is a product of a brand that has been proven for a long time, the basic completeness and details are excellent. 

I also compared it with the genuine Apple leather case in use. The color of the genuine Apple case is Forest Green. The overall design is almost the same and there is a difference in pocket size. The same is true not to protect the lower part. The two cases are the same for the camera part, but the details are better.

The leather is not well represented in the photograph, but the leather texture of the Muzo case is a little more rugged. So, there is a concern that contamination is more prone to this gap, but I don’t like the sticky feel of the soft Apple leather case, so the leather texture of the case is better.

If there is a point that the case is lacking compared to the Apple case, it is the button part. The genuine Apple case has a very good button feel by placing a metal material on the button part, but the Muzo case is protruded from the leather part without reinforcement. So, when the button is pressed, more force is applied, and the feeling of pressing is relatively poor.

The thickness of the case is just as different as the thickness of the pocket. It’s good because it’s not very bulky while storing the card.

It is a case that still has the strengths and features that I felt while using Muzo’s case. It is an advantage that I can feel in practical use that the card can be stored as well as the completeness of the genuine Apple case, and personally, the texture of the leather is also better than the genuine case, so I think I will take my hands the most while using the iPhone 11 Pro. However, it is a pity that the touch of the button is not good compared to the genuine case.

The only thing left is the problem of migrating and tanning, but I will compare it with the genuine Apple case and post more while using it in the future.

-The above posting was written with the help of Anky House-

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