Lego Ninjago-Season 13 products released in the second half of 2020

Lego Ninjago-Season 13 products released in the second half of 2020

Lego Ninjago-Season 13 products released in the second half of 2020

LEGO Ninjago’s product image for the second half of 2020, season 13, has been unveiled. Check out the final boss of this season, the Skull Sorcerer and his dragon!

71717 Adventure to Skull Dungeon

Save Jay caught by the enemy! The minifigures consist of Jay, Lloyd, Nya and Murt.

The back of the box.


CG art

Wait, J. Hyung!

Jay rescue success!

71718 Wu’s Battle Dragon

Meet Master Wu’s new dragon! The minifigure consists of Master Woo, Gleck

Back of box


Master Wu Dragon in <Ghost Ninjago> was like an oriental dragon with wings, but as it has been miniaturized, that feeling is somewhat reduced.

CG art

71719 Jean’s Mino Creature

Jean appeared with a giant rhinoceros! The minifigures consist of Ginkle, Glyke, Jean and Cole.

The back of the box.


Is that shell a kind of key item?

Destroy the enemy’s fortress!

A giant rhino with more dignity than the Wakanda-san rhino.

71720 Firestone Robot

New giant robot! The minifigures are Nya, Kai, Cole, Mutt, Mo Moe

The back of the box.


Stud shooter knuckle.

It seems that the reason it is a Firestone robot is that Kai and Cole control it together.

Weapons can be stored on both shoulders!

71721 Skull Sorcerer’s Dragon

Meet the mighty dragon of the final boss of Season 13, Skull Sorceress! Minifigure is Nya, Kai, Jay, Skull Sorcerer, Waken Warrior × 2

The back of the box.


Look at the majesty of that giant skeleton dragon. Isn’t it really powerful!

Meet the new tile shooter!


Spider bomb!

71722 Skull Sorcerer’s Dungeon

The giant castle of the Skull Sorceress. The minifigures are Princess Vania, Lloyd, Jean, Cole, Skull Sorcerer, Resurrected Warrior, Mert, and Ginkle.

As a huge product, various gimmicks are installed.


You can enjoy a variety of games in the huge castle.

Taste Cole’s new mace!

The light green skull, which was seen as a Skull Sorcerer’s face, which was revealed the other day, appears as an artifact, not a face, and what looks like a mask seems to fit the body face.

All products except dragons can be combined to create a huge dungeon.

71705 Dragon Battleship

Dragon battleships from the legacy series that remake Ninjago at that time! Let’s meet again with the awards that feel like those days, not the two-headed awards that came out from the <Lego Ninjago Movie>!

The minifigures are young Lloyd, Cole, Jean, Jay, Kai, Master Wu, Samurai X (Niya)

The back of the box. Like a dragon battleship, it was armed with various gimmicks.

CG art

Adjust the sail to the direction of the wind.

Set the anchor so that the ship does not float!

You change the direction of the engine and change the altitude.

The cabin is detachable.

The separate cabin can also be used as a training ground!

71704 Kai Fighter

A legacy product from Ninjago Reboot. The minifigures consist of Kai, Lloyd, Nindroid Warrior, and Mindroid Warrior.

In the remake product, it seems that Mindroid is not a separate character but a kind of Nindroid.

The back of the box.


CG art.

Fire the spring shooter!

You can change the direction of the wing, and the rider can also turn his head.

71703 Storm Fighter Battle

Junior series of legacy products. The minifigures are Kai, Jay, and Rasha.

The back of the box.

Components. It is cute like a junior.

CG art.

Because they are a snake tribe who did bad things, they should go to jail.

A storm fighter that can spread its wings left and right.

In Lasha’s Mecca, Tonax launcher is built in.

70685 Spinjitzu Burst Call

New mini series. Meet NRG Cole

Components. You can also put a hat on it.

70686 Spinjitzu Burst Kai

70687 Spinjitzu Burst Lloyd

If you think of it as a ninjago with a D&D concept, it didn’t touch you well, but it’s eye catching that you made a great product than you thought. In particular, Skull Sorcerer’s dragon is awesome thanks to its unconventional design.

The dragon battleship that comes back to the legacy is also blinding, but the Skull Sorcerer and the dragon are also blinding…

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