Hamilton khaki field mechanical reproduction model (H69429931) recruitment & first impression

Hamilton khaki field mechanical reproduction model (H69429931) recruitment & first impression

I bought a new watch in a long time. In fact, after purchasing my favorite Nomos Tangente, my greed for watches disappeared, and after using the Apple Watch, my interest in mechanical watches disappeared. Then I released the first generation of Apple Watches, which had reached the end of their life, and started looking for a new watch that would be full as a daily watch, and Rolex and IWC watches that men of my age eagerly looked for a watch that would not fit my circumstances and would be comfortable to roll. Standard is manual, 38mm or less, file should be easy. After a while, I learned about the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical while looking at Basel World photos. 

The Hamilton Khaki Series is one of Hamilton’s flagship series, which has been known for its technology and name by distributing military watches, and has been on sale since 1940. Among them, the product released this time is a reinterpretation of a model that was supplied to the US military during the Vietnam War in 1969. It features a 38mm stainless steel case with a sand blast finish and a manual movement. 

Among the recently released khaki field series, it is said to be popular overseas as it is said to be the best interpretation of the original military watch. It is said that it is not easy to obtain until now as it is released in small quantities in Korea. I was planning to buy it at a duty-free shop at a low price, but it took quite a long time to get it because it went out of stock immediately upon restocking.

Two models have been released. H69429931 on black dial with olive colored strap, H69429901 on brown dial with beige strap. The black dial model with a good band combination is popular, and I also chose this one.

The approximate specifications of the Hamilton Khaki Field Mechanical model I purchased are as follows .

Model Name H69429931

Sandblast finish stainless steel case

Sapphire glass

ETA 2801-2 manual movement , 42 hours power reserve

Case diameter 38mm / thickness 9.5mm

Super Luminova (C1) luminous index

Lug size 20mm

50m water resistance

Woven strap H6006941021

I don’t prefer watches larger than 40mm because I have a thin wrist. I got used to the 35mm diameter Nomos Tangente. That’s why the khaki field’s 38mm case was a huge advantage when considering purchasing. I also prefer the manual movement because it is thinner and more durable than the automatic movement. Some say that turning the crown is a nuisance, but that would not taste like a hand again. 

On the other hand, 50m water resistance is an unfortunate specification for a field watch. Of course, it is better than the 30m of Nomos Tangente, but it is steamed when considering its purpose. The lug size is 20mm and it’s a black dial, so it’s really nice to file it. 

I simply unboxed. Because it is a reprinted model, I expected a package like a special edition, but there is no such thing, and it is contained in the same black paper box package as the existing khaki field mechanical. In fact, I just bought the Khaki Field Officer Handwinding, which is already on sale. I bought it by being attracted to the olive-colored watch face at an inexpensive overseas price, but it felt light, so I couldn’t attach it and released it soon. In fact, it’s okay to assume that it’s the same model except for the watch face, index, and strap, but after purchasing a reprinted model, the difference is quite noticeable. 

-The khaki field officer hand-winding model is also attractive, but the olive dial is difficult to digest-

The sandblasted case is matte, so it doesn’t look good as a dress watch. It is the best part of the identity of this product as a military watch. It is ideal for kicking as it is less visible than a polished stainless steel case.

The watch face is painted in faded black to give the look of an old military watch, and details are added with yellow indexes. I love this combination. For me, who purchased the Officer model a while ago, the price difference of about twice as large is a good reason to choose this model. 

The default strap is a dark olive colored nylon strap and the model name is H6006941021. The NATO band style is used to enhance the durability of the military watch by adding leather. Personally, I like the strap as much as the watch. In particular, the leather detail on the buckled part is really 

The small, thin case fits snugly inside the shirt, so it’s okay to wear anything. The weight is also light, so there is no flaw in terms of fit. The overall appearance of the watch is modest with no bouncing spots, so I like it that it suits the outfit as if it doesn’t exist. 

Together with Nomos Tangente, this khaki field mechanical model will continue to be together without any surprises unless there is a big change. It is also good to file, so I plan to make my own watch straps and fill them in the future. Since I just put it on my wrist, I’ll leave some reviews about the pros and cons.

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